One of the focal points of any business, no matter the size or industry, is marketing. Without marketing of some kind, companies cannot effectively form or build relationships with their customers and are likely to suffer from a lack of overall brand awareness. The most important question businesses should ask themselves then becomes how to go about advertising their products or services. If your business advertises on television, then one of the most advantageous methods (or, more accurately, set of methods) is targeted TV advertising—take a look below for just some of the most important reasons why.

Eliminating Inefficient Strategies

As their name suggests, targeted ads take an approach to marketing that is fairly untraditional. Rather than cast the widest possible net and advertise to the greatest number of people, they allow companies to target specific segments of consumers. These segments can represent any number of various subcategories ranging from age and gender to religious beliefs and level of education. Geography and shopping interests can also be key factors. By focusing exclusively on smaller segments rather than broad swaths of the population, companies are able to eliminate inefficiencies in their marketing strategies, ultimately resulting in a greater return on investment.  

Building Brand Loyalty

Another important benefit of targeted TV advertising is that it allows companies to more easily get a sense of which consumer segments have most strongly engaged with the brand already. Re-engagement, as it is often called, means that building brand loyalty—one of the pillars of any marketing department—can therefore be accomplished more easily and with more certainty. In the long term, brand loyalty and the feedback of your company's most loyal customers may also guide the general direction of the products and services offered. This can, in turn, help you find a niche in otherwise crowded markets.

Growing Revenue Streams

No matter how many potential benefits a particular strategy offers, companies always need to consider how it affects the bottom line. Fortunately, targeted TV ads are often much less costly than traditional advertising campaigns. Not only that but they usually offer a greater number of ways to grow revenue. One of these is by offering regular discounts to loyal consumer segments while reaching out to new consumer segments with different promotions. In this way, companies can grow a variety of revenue streams that would otherwise be difficult to develop organically through traditional advertising methods. 

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