Your company's brand logo may look great on the wrapper of a product or on the side of a truck. But on a tiny phone screen (and face it, even large phones have tiny screens compared to full-size computers), that same logo can be less than helpful. In an age when companies need brand recognition and need customers to recognize their logos quickly, your logo may need to be revamped to better work in the online environment. Great SEO helps your site show up in search results, but if you have a poor logo in terms of online legibility, you could find potential customers not following through with calls or emails.

Clearer Details

First, your logo needs clearer details on the web. It's going to be condensed, placed on a page people view with light glinting off the screen in many cases, and most likely shoved into a corner of the design. When people see there is a logo, they need to be able to process the image very quickly and remember it. An overly complicated logo or one with minute details may not work as well as one with a clean, simple design. This doesn't mean you have to change your logo entirely, but you would do well to have it redesigned to a degree to better work online.

Standing Out

You also need that logo to stand out. Color is one potential tool, though it's not a necessary one; you can have a fantastic logo in just black and white. You need it to grab people's attention on the page and not look like other companies' logos for the same products. This goes beyond copyright infringement. Not only should you not have a similar logo from a legal perspective, you shouldn't have a similar logo, from a design perspective, that makes your website blend in with every other website for a similar company. It's frustrating to customers to find a bunch of plumbing websites where the companies all look like they had the same designer.

Shorter Spans

Depending on who you consult, customers can have attention spans ranging from 1.7 or 2.5 seconds to 8 seconds. Your logo has to snag their attention fast. People have to be able to recognize the outline of the logo out of the corner of their eye. Many logos that were originally designed for non-web times don't have this attention-grabbing quality.

If you're designing or redesigning your website, ask the web development service you're working with if they offer logo redesign as well. Give your company a fresh look for the web.