As you try to build a customer base for your online shopping store, there are many ways to try to draw people in. Using recognizable things like famous characters is a great way to draw attention and showcase familiarity. One of the best ways to do this without having to pay for copyright use is by using public domain characters. These characters have long past their original copyrights, allowing the public to use them freely in fictional works and marketing campaigns. When working with digital marketing services, there are four public domain characters that can be effectively used to promote your products and special sales across the internet.

Sherlock Holmes

One of the most famous detectives of all time is available in the public domain. You can use Sherlock Holmes for a number of campaigns and digital ads. For example, a digital marketing service can help you set up a mystery sale. Using Sherlock Holmes graphics and designs, you have the ability to showcase the character as he solves the mystery and reveals secret discounts on items. This is a fun way to draw people into your site so they can reveal mystery deals like a specific percentage off, a dollar amount off, or another deal like free shipping. The Sherlock Holmes character can be used in visuals and holding a signature tool like a magnifying glass. The glass can be held over graphics to showcase various discounts. This is a fun way to tie in the detective theme and showcase a character that is known all over the world.


There are a number of superheroes available in the public domain, but one of the more popular options is Zorro. The masked sword fighter can be used in a number of promotions for your online store. One of the the more obvious uses for the character is when your products are "slashing prices." A sword-wielding Zorro is a great literal representation of these slashed prices. He can be used in animated banner ads, short video ads, or through email newsletters.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Showcase multiple products at once with the alter-ego characters of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The classic monster story is a great way to showcase contrasting products and the wide range of offerings for customers. For example, if your business sells shoes, then you can showcase vibrant and athletic pairs worn by the friendly and fun Dr. Jekyll and then dark, mysterious, and party shoes worn by Mr. Hyde. It's a great way to showcase your wide range of products. Another example comes with house goods. The Dr. Jekyll side can showcase white linens and pillows while the Mr. Hyde can showcase linens with dark patterns and bold features. As people shop, they can use both characters to really find products that will fit their different personalities.

Ebenezer Scrooge

During the holiday season, you can work with digital marketing services to use a number of public domain Christmas characters. One of the more popular options is Ebenezer Scrooge. The main character from "A Christmas Carol" can help you promote a variety of holiday sales. His negative tone can be used to create reverse ad campaigns that actually help showcase various products. For example, you can use quotes like "Sales so great, even Scrooge wouldn't pass these up!" Other characters from the story like the Ghost of Christmas Past can be used to showcase vintage and retro items available for sale. Scrooge and Ghost of Christmas Future can showcase the newest items and trends available for the holiday season. By getting creative and playing around with characters, you have the ability to really create a unique ad campaign for the holidays.

As you choose various characters, it's important to use original designs and creations. You cannot use the same designs featured in modern versions of the story. A digital marketing services company can help you with this process and create a great online promotional campaign.