As your small business grows, you may find that you need to find more ways to reach new customers and keep a buzz around your company's brand. If you are brainstorming about ways to reach out to customers in an age where the majority of consumers do much of their comparison shopping online before making a purchase in a store, you should consider hiring software developers to help you create tools to reach out to this tech-savvy populace.

Invest in Mobile Apps

In the U.S., nearly two-thirds of adults own a smartphone and over 40 percent possess a tablet device. Many of these adults rely exclusively on their smartphones to find information and shop. If you offer products for sale online or provide any type of service via your website, this means that these consumers are most likely accessing your online properties via a mobile device.

One way to keep customers engaged and apprised of new products is to offer a mobile app for their phones and tablets. If you are skeptical, browse online markets for apps that run on your smartphone's operating system. You may be surprised to see all types of businesses with apps for customers and employees.

A mobile app keeps you visible to your customers as they will have an immediate gateway to you via their phone. It will also provide you with a way to market directly to customers. You can offer special deals, notifications of sales, news feeds and more with the app. You can also offer an an app that enables your employers to access your corporate intranet and their company email via a mobile app.

Savvy software developers can help you design mobile apps that you can offer in the marketplaces for the major mobile operating systems.

Hand out USB Promos

If you rely heavily on marketing to attract new clients, you probably hand out a lot of printed literature and invest in low-cost promotional items to help keep your name fresh in people's minds. However, if the schwag you hand out is low quality or does not have a practical use, potential clients may forget that you exist after an initial meeting.

If you want to make a memorable impression, think about hiring a software developer to create a presentation of your company that is distilled into a program that fits on a customized USB thumb drive.

You can create a presentation that includes video, music and slides showcasing your firm. The software developers can provide a bootable program for a USB stick that starts up the presentation when a customer plugs the thumb drive device into their computer.

You provide the program to a USB duplication firm and they can create multiple copies of a customized USB stick that includes your company's logo and information on the exterior and the bootable program that runs your presentation in the device's memory.

Use In-store Tech Tools

If you want to offer a convenient way for customers to sign up for loyalty programs or provide easily-accessible job applications to potential employees, put self-service computer kiosks with customized software in your retail locations and office lobbies. Kiosks are also great for special events like conventions and job fairs where there will be a lot of foot traffic of potential customers and employees.

A software developer can create a program that will provide an easy-to-use interface for consumers to enter their data. The information they provide can be integrated directly into your customer database and automatically sent to sales reps. If the kiosk is for job application intake, the data can be routed to your human resources employees so they can begin vetting people immediately.

Any standard desktop or laptop can serve as a kiosk. You can even recycle old computers in the office as kiosk stations. Or, you can work with a kiosk vendor to provide computers enclosed in cases that resemble self-service check-in kiosks that you see in airports and train stations.

For more information and options, talk with professional software development companies, such as Compusmart Solutions.